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Getting a few good folks around us. That is my top priority these days.

I mean both clients and team members. I believe personal chemistry is paramount in both cases. You can’t just work with anyone, and you don’t really know anyone until you’ve worked with them.

The team. Not the glam, not the buzz, not the perks. Complementary personalities and skills, believing in the same dream and actually feeling comfortable around each other.

People who are able to go through thick and thin, and show a reflex to stick together and fight, not flee.

People who can tell it to each other’s faces, and who can take it when told so.

Self-driven individuals, who lose their sense of time when together, and never feel they “go to work”. Not the kind of people who apply for a job opening or pick up an agency, but the kind who know whom they’re meant for.

It is harder than a million bucks, and this is what awaits me.